Meet the Chew Crew

The Crew

Eric MacDonald

Eric is an Associate Professor who teaches environmental design history and landscape management at the University of Georgia. Beginning in 2011, Eric has helped coordinate the UGA Chew Crew. Since then, Eric has transformed the project from a small student-led venture to a campus-wide sustainability initiative.


+The Chew Crew interns play an essential part in the project. They send out emails to our volunteer base, manage the social media accounts, attend all volunteer opportunities, and provide help with any other general needs we may have.

Here is a testimonial from one of our past interns, Dave Hasslinger: “Working with the Chew Crew helped me realize first hand just how powerful collaborative efforts are.  It is amazing to see diverse groups of people come together to complete a task and come out of the experience with a sense of accomplishment and a new appreciation for people who they may not ordinarily meet or work with; and they get big tasks done a lot faster! There is truly power in numbers.  My experience with the Chew Crew was invaluable because of all the truly outstanding people I developed relationships with and the many opportunities I was offered to prove to myself and others that I can be a leader and better the community.”

Max Hardin (Fall 2018 – )

Max is an Ecology/Plant Biology major at the University of Georgia.  He is a student who has volunteered regularly for Chew Crew since the spring semester of 2018, and has proven to be a valuable member.  Since then he has become the newest intern for this upcoming fall semester.

Jocelyn Carver (Fall 2017 – 2018)

Jocelyn is an Environmental Engineering student who has done great work during her time as an intern.   She began the year our goats moved away, and had a lot of responsibilities in their absence.  Her work kept our projects moving and set the foundations necessary for the next in line.




Favorite invasive: Kudzu
Years on the Crew: 5 years
About: As herd leader, Junior is large and in charge. Junior’s favorite hobby is eating, eating, and more eating. His favorite foods include kudzu, apples, and carrots—or really anything he can reach! If you are looking for loyal friend with a big appetite, then Junior is your go to guy!



Favorite invasive: English Ivy
Years on the Crew: 3 year
About: A little shy at first, Helga takes some warming up to. Once her friend, she will be loyal to the end. When she’s not eating English ivy and carrots brought from volunteers, she enjoys running around Tanyard Creek with her best friend Brunhilda.



Favorite invasive: English Ivy
Years on the Crew: 3 years
About: With a name like Brunhilda, what’s not to love? Being new to the Crew, Brunhilda has quickly made friends with the “Core Four” and joined the battle against the invasive species at Tanyard.



Favorite invasive: English Ivy
Years on the Crew: 5 years
About: Good ol’ Sylvester is a quiet one, but a lovable one as well. Just give her some food and she’ll let you pet her for hours and hours. Apples, carrots and some English Ivy will keep her content.



Favorite invasive: Cherry Laurel
Years on the Crew: 5 years
About: As an inspiring singer, Wickett loves to practice singing. Her favorite song is a new rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Baaaa-d.” Looking for a duet partner? Wickett is your go-to gal!

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