Chew Crew in the News


Goats Wanted


The Chew Crew uses goats to weed out invasive plants

Sweet-smelling honeysuckles have sour effect on Georgia ecosystem


Goat Arrival Party

The Chew Crew returns to campus

Chew Crew celebrates first graze in Driftmier Woods

Hands and Hooves for a More Sustainable Community


UGA Chew Crew to Expand

The Chew Crew: Colleges use goats to weed out invasive species

Chew Crew goats tackle Driftmier Woods

A Case of the Munchies

Grazing Our Way Back to Community Sustainability

UGA Awards Sustainability Grants to Fund Student Projects

The Chew Crew: Targeted grazing for ecological growth


Chew Crew goat herd comes back for spring forage on campus

Is Letting Sheep Graze on Invasive Plants a Baaaaad Idea?

Students compete to ‘house the herd’

UGAโ€™s House the Herd Student Design Challenge to announce winners Feb. 13

UGA awarded 2014 Ford College Community Challenge Grant for prescribed grazing


Video by David Bristow

Victor Hugoat, Goatis Redding return to gobble up grass in the Tanyard Creek ‘jungle’

Chew Crew goats return, ‘step in the right direction’

Chew Crew 2013 Summary Report


Chew Crew



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